How to select best office chairs for your workplace

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“Technological evolution and changing work culture have revolutionised the way we
work in office. Sitting at one place all the day can increase the risk of diabetes,
cardiovascular diseases and create great strain on our body specially on our back
According to survey conducted on office culture, Employees seated in poorly
designed office chairs are more concerned & focused on their discomfort. It means
they are less focused on their work.
Things you should look out for while buying office chairs –
A good, ergonomic office chair will offer you adequate support for your back which
will help to improve your sitting posture and will be comfortable enough for you to
spend long period of time sitting at your Table.
Choosing an office chair can be a very confusing task. There are lots of options
available out there in market, but making sure you get the right chair for yourself and
for your office doesn’t have to be complicated.
Clients come to us because they’re fed up of being uncomfortable or in pain caused
by their existing chairs. They’ve wasted enough time and money on wrong office
seating arrangements and they’re ready to find the right solution.
There is no secret formula for finding the best chair for your office. Here are few
things you should look out for when you are shopping around.
You pay for what you get. If you can raise your budget, you will get better
ergonomics, more adjustability, extended warranties, more durability and of course
more comfort
Best ergonomic chair can offer you wide range of adjustments that can be tweaked to
fit your unique anatomy. Adjustable seat depth and enough lumbar support is critical
for any chair which make sure that when you recline in the chair, the backrest doesn’t
drop away. Ideally you need the angle of the seat and the back to stay the same
whether you are leaning back or sitting upright – a bit like a rocking chair.
Make sure you chair is right for the environment – for example you can get different
castors (wheels) according to your floor types. Scooting uncontrollably across the
floorboards every time you try to get up doesn’t look good. Chair colour should match
with your office theme.
A chair that allow us to do movement freely is important when you have a sedentary
desk job. While these chairs can make a huge difference, regular breaks away from
the workstation are so important for your health.
Take phone calls standing up, free your legs,go for a walk, go and have a chat with
your colleague rather than emailing, take the stairs instead of lift – anything to
enhance your level of activity is vital for your long term health.
Don’t pay extra attention to the look of the chair. Good looking chairs are hardly
most ergonomic.
If in doubt, ask an expert for best options. Always remember, prevention is better
than cure – invest your money in the perfect chair before you develop a serious
injury or back problems.

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